Sr Manager, Product Design @ Flexport


San Francisco, CA

In early 2016, I joined Flexport as the second designer at a time when the company was still small, with less than 100 employees, a single product manager, and fewer than 10 engineers. My role was diverse and hands-on; I was responsible for both designing and implementing the UI for our monorepo React web app. Outside of product design and devlopment I took on projects like designing and building our blog and even designed our Series B pitch deck.

Over my five years at Flexport, I led the creation of our design system, Latitude, which contributed to a 30% increase in development speed and significantly improved overall user experience. I spearheaded two product rebrands—completely transforming the look and feel of our applications to better marry to our company identity and product visual language. My role evolved in parallel with the company's growth⎯I became responsible for overseeing the design for platform which owned all surface area that cross-cut the various product verticals.

As I progressed to the role of Senior Product Design Manager, I managed a team of 10, including product designers, user researchers, a content designer, and an illustrator. In this role I enhanced the consistency and cohesion of our user interface by overhauling our information arhitecture and navigation, which helped Flexport scale to a multi-product company. I also led the creation of Flexport's logomark in collaboration with our brand team, led the design of our developer portal, and oversaw projects like building a custom rules engine.