VP, Product Design @ project44



project44 is a supply chain visibility company specializing in end-to-end tracking and management through B2B SaaS products and APIs. I joined in 2021 as a Senior Director of Product Design, with a focus on scaling the design function. My role encompassed overseeing the supply side of the platform, design systems, developer tools, and analytics. In this role I managed a team composed of two design directors and eight IC designers and engineers. Notable projects during this period included a comprehensive overhaul of our mobile app, used by thousands of truck drivers monthly, creating an analytics product from the ground up for our new unified application, and launching project44's first design system.

In 2023, I was promoted to VP of Product Design, where my responsibilities expanded to oversee the entire design organization. I have led efforts to align executives and board members with our product vision, improved visual consistency across our application, introduced a new design language, and streamlined design processes within the global EPD organization. Additionally, I implemented cost-saving strategies, resulting in significant annual financial savings for the company. I now run a lean team of 6 and stay hands on with our work.