Adjunct Professor, Art & Technology Studies @ SAIC


Chicago, IL

After earning my MFA in Art & Technology Studies from SAIC in 2013, I began a journey in teaching that shaped my approach to being a designer who codes in the tech industry. As an Adjunct Professor, I taught multiple undergraduate courses, blending my experience as a teaching assistant with my personal art practice. This enabled me to help students incorporate creative coding and technology into their work. From the fall 2013 semester to the spring 2015 semester I taught courses like Intro to Interactive Media, Interactive Art & Creative Code, and Embodying Code.

My time at SAIC, both as a student and a professor, has fostered a deeper understanding of how to blend artistic intuition with technological know-how. It has ingrained in me a systems-thinking mindset, crucial in navigating the complexities of front-end engineering and product design. This holistic approach, developed through teaching and practicing creative coding and technology integration, has been instrumental in my ability to design user-centric products and guide designers in the tech industry.