Designer / Developer @ Scanadu


Mountain View, CA

Scanadu, a health tech startup, was on a mission to empower everyone to more effectively monitor their health. I became part of their team in 2015, following the acquisition of Simple.Honest.Work. My role at Scanadu was a blend of design and development primarily in the consumer mobile space. I contributed to several key projects, including the design and development of an electronic medical record app. This mobile app was designed to synchronize with a hardware device for noninvasive blood pressure monitoring, making health monitoring more accessible to everyone.

A highlight of my tenure was designing and developing a tricorder mobile app, which was a finalist in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize competition. This competition challenges innovators to create mobile solutions that can diagnose health conditions, and our app was recognized as a finalist for its innovative approach and potential impact in the field of health technology.